Our history

Dispute Resolution Services Limited began life as a division of the New Zealand Government-owned Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), carrying out reviews of claims against the Corporation by accident compensation claimants. It was incorporated on 1 July 1999 after a brief deregulation of the accident insurance sector, allowing other insurance providers to compete for accident cover business.

At that time, the ACC Board decided it was no longer appropriate for the review service to be part of the ACC organisation, so Dispute Resolution Services Limited (DRSL) was born as an independent, stand-alone entity offering ACC Reviews and other dispute resolution services to the wider public and private sector market.

DRSL was initially  wholly owned by ACC, however on 1 July 2011 it separated from ACC and became an independent Crown Owned Company.

Following a comprehensive change to its business model, on 1 November 2013 DRSL changed its name to FairWay Resolution Limited. This name change reflected a diversification of services, reaching beyond offering ACC reviews and alternative dispute resolution services, to all aspects of the broader conflict management cycle.

FairWay is defined under the Public Finance Act as a schedule 4A company - a company in which the crown is the majority or sole shareholder. Our shareholders are the Minister of Finance and the Minister for ACC.

FairWay is established by law and the Government has a controlling interest, but we are legally separate from the Crown. We are listed on the Companies Office. To find out more about our people click here.

For more information on the work we currently do and the services we offer, please refer to Our services section.